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Yanggu New Rihui Cables was named “2011 Top-100 Enterprise in the Chinese Machinery Industry”

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  On May 25, 2012, the “top 100 enterprises in the Chinese Machinery Industry and top 30 enterprises in the automobile industry Release Conference & Machinery Industry Development Strategy Seminar” organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers was held in Dafeng, Jiangsu. Deputy director of the National Committee of CPPCC Proposals, and president of China Machinery Industry Federation, Wang Ruixiang, deputy director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Huang Libin, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, Cai Weici, vice president and secretary of China Automobile Industry Association, Dong Yang, Mayor of Dafeng, Chen Ping, and other leaders attended the meeting. Vice Chairman of Shandong Yanggu New Rihui Cable Co., Ltd. Zhong Benjian, and manager Zhu Changwei, and a total of more than 200 people from top 100 enterprises in the Chinese Machinery Industry, top 30 enterprises in the automotive industry, representatives from Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Economic Daily, China Industry News, China Automotive News, Sohu Auto and other media attended the meeting.
  President of the Machinery Industry Federation of China, Wang Ruixiang, said in his speech that the machinery industry showed several features last year: first, the total size maintained the world leading position; Secondly, positive results have been achieved in the structural adjustment, and the industrial layout has been further optimized; thirdly, the independent innovation capability has been enhanced, and the endogenous growth mechanism has been gradually formed; fourthly, the level of opening has been continuously improved, and the international status has been significantly enhanced. In the development in this year, he required that we must stick to the principle of seeking development while maintaining stability, to maintain steady and rapid economic development; Secondly, it is important to take the restructuring as the top priority and pay close attention to it; thirdly, we should make efforts to improve the capability of independent innovation; fourthly, it is necessary to strengthen the management and innovation, and strive to improve the soft power of competitiveness.
  The conference announced the list of the top 100 enterprises in the Chinese Machinery Industry in terms of main business incomes in 2011, and held the awards ceremony. Shandong Yanggu New Rihui Cable Co., Ltd. (Shandong Yanggu Cable Group Co., Ltd.) has been awarded with such honorary title for eight consecutive years thanks to their healthy, stable and sustained development momentum. In this session, a total of 800 cable companies entered the list of the finalists. Yanggu New Rihui Cable Co. Ltd. (Shandong Yanggu Cable Group Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1986. After 26 years of rolling development, it has become a large domestic modern wire and cable manufacturing company with strong competitiveness, covering an area of 1,000 mu. The company has been named top-10 enterprise in the Chinese wires and cables, fiber optic cables and electrical equipment manufacturing industry in terms of profits by the National Bureau of Statistics. (Zhu Changwei, Li Guizhou)

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