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Shandong Yanggu New Rihui Cable Co., Ltd. held the joint venture plant inauguration ceremony

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  On the morning of 1 September, in the festive firecrackers, the opening ceremony of the joint venture co-founded by Nexans Group and Yanggu Cable Group - Shandong Yanggu New Rihui Cable Co., Ltd. was grandiosely held. Executive Vice President of Nexans in Asia Pacific, Nicholas Ballas, and president of Nexans in Greater China, Zhang Wenhao, chairman of Yanggu Cable Group, Li Mingsuo, general manager of the joint venture Yanggu New Rihui Cable Co. Ltd. Xia Xubing and other leaders, together with more than 1,000 employees of the joint venture attended the ceremony.
  Executive Vice President of Nexans in Asia Pacific NICHOLAS BALLAS first delivered a speech. He commented that China is the world's largest and the fastest growing market in energy infrastructure, and believed that the strong-strong alliance between Nexans and Yanggu Cables would create a win-win situation and provide more values for our customers.
  President of Nexans in the Greater China region, Zhang Wenhao pointed out in his speech that we should carry out the value of Nexans – assisting customers to achieve success, cherishing employees, pursuing excellence, taking actions, daring to assume responsibilities, and collaboration – throughout the entire work, make sure everyone has been working in a safe work environment, and build a passionate team.
President of Yanggu Cable Group Li Mingsuo expressed his earnest hope for the development of the joint venture, and he believed that the new company would achieve better and faster development; they will strive to build New Rihui Cables into the largest cable production base in 3-5 years.
  General manager of the joint venture Xia Xubing expressed in his speech his confidence in the development of the company. He required that the new enterprise should achieve doubled sales volumes in high-voltage cables within three years, and 40% increase in the sales of low-voltage cables, providing customers with “turnkey” project services in the field of HV and EHV cables.

(Zhu Changwei, Li Guizhou)

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